Water distribution systems, the last barriers in the water treatment process, are vital to protect public health.

The pressure on the freshwater resources of the world is greater than ever, as population growth, increased water consumption, extreme weather events and the aging of infrastructure contribute to the important pressure on the availability systems , quality and distribution of drinking water.

Nowadays, the availability of abundant, clean and safe drinking water, upon request in all places, is taken for granted in the developed world. However, even this highly treated water is subject to degradation in quality once it leaves the treatment plant and enters the distribution system.

Distribution systems represent the next frontier for the potable water industry. In addition to the challenges of managing and replacing infrastructure, the industry is subject to detailed and highly critical scrutiny by the public and the media. Tools are emerging to face these challenges, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

AEC Moreno Corp helps governments and public and private utilities, through engineering, project management and advisory services to ensure efficiency. management, operation, performance and integrity of water supply and distribution systems.

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