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We have the know-how you need.


AEC Moreno Corp. is experienced in designing and building Commercial Tenant Improvement Plans.

At AEC Moreno we handle the “Design Process,” which includes preparation of construction drawings (blueprints). Plans are then submitted for a “Plan Check.”

During the “Plan check” process, the prepared building plans are reviewed to make sure they comply with basic safety, engineering, and planning rules. The reviewing agency then reviews the design of such things as the structure, plumbing, and electrical systems to make sure they are safe and properly designed.

In our plans, we make sure we comply with building setbacks, heights, and lot coverage to see that the construction is compatible with the neighborhood.

At AEC Moreno we typically provide tenant improvements for

  • New office spaces

  • Additions to restaurants

  • Large multi-occupancy business

  • Retail sales

  • Auto shops

  • Machine shops

  • Medical and dental facilities

The following plans are typically prepared for Tenant Improvements

  •  SITE PLAN which includes: An accurate depiction of the entire property boundaries along with the outline of all existing buildings, driveways, parking areas, walls, fences and any other structures; A North arrow, drawing scale and all dimensions; Handicapped parking and accessibility to the tenant space; Location and name(s) of adjacent street(s) or alleys; The assessor parcel number; Name, address and phone number of property owner.

  • The FLOOR PLAN/ CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS typically include the existing floor plan of tenant space, drawn to scale; Location and details of interior alterations (if proposed); Written descriptions of the proposed use of tenant area; Any other information to clearly identify the new occupancy, considering building and zoning codes.

  • The building permit is normally issued to your licensed contractor, but if you plan to do the construction yourself, you may obtain the permit as an “owner-builder”.

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