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RPM truck dealership


183 w La Cadena dr, Riverside, CA, 92501



Build Size

8852.00 SQ FT


The main building will be used as an office to provide administrative and support functions, including distributor operations, and customer service operations, among others for the sale of light duty and medium duty trucks used for local deliveries to businesses and residences, i.e. box trucks, delivery trucks, moving trucks and multi-stop trucks. the ancillary truck storage building will be used as a storage for some of the inventory trucks to prevent weather exposure damage, caused by rain, sun, dust, etc. there will be no repairs, maintenance, and washing of vehicles on site as this use is purely for retail. the proposed business will have a full time staff of 4 employees. daily trips will be limited to only vehicles on site being sold and escorted off the premises for customers themselves or the occasional replenishment of trucks that need to come to the site. this would not impact la cadena drive exponentially hours of operation

Project Challenges

Key Features

-where key-operated locking devices are used, post a sign on or adjacent to the required main exit door with 1-in. lettering stating:"this door to remain unlocked when building is occupied.

-new 36"x30" attic access opening with fixed folding ladder

-new carrier packaged unit/rtu model 50tcqd07 on roof

-new carrier packaged unit/rtu model 50tcqd12 on roof

-paint exterior wall w/firefree 88 fire resistant and

retardant paint.(has been tested to meet 2 hour wall


-exterior wall 2hr fire resistant

-counter high shall be 34" max.

-tactile & braille exit sign

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