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Your floor plan is a crucial part of your home construction, perfecting it is one sure step towards a cleverly designed house that will deliver functionality for years to come and it gives you a virtual representation of how the house will look.

Getting into a new home is exciting, so you may not even take out enough time to carefully check the floor plan, yet some simple mistakes can bring the whole thing undone.

To avoid saying, "It was perfect when I saw the plan. Now I have moved on the whole thing is completely uncomfortable" watch out for these mistakes. They can kill your perfect home dream.

Here’s how to avoid them.

Inferior orientation

When it comes to floor plan design, light should be a critical consideration. And for most home buyers, the more (natural!) light, the better. It is important to consider, however, that not all sunlight is created equal. Light profoundly influences how a person perceives their surroundings. For example, direct lighting can create drama, while diffused lighting can establish a sense of calm. And, in some cases, a lack of lighting can elicit negative feelings for a room that would otherwise be appealing.

By keeping in mind the impact of natural light, and how best to use that light to create livable spaces, you are better equipped to avoid a less-than-optimal orientation in your floor plan.

Light living space
Light living space

Not sticking to budget

It’s easy to get carried away with extra bedrooms and bathrooms, but can you really afford them? Before choosing your home, make a list of your must-haves and equally what you can live without. Consider what you really need now and what features can be potentially added to the house at a later stage.

Not Factoring in the Outdoors/Surroundings

Along the same lines as not considering the impact and use of natural light in designing a floor plan, not taking full advantage of the outdoors and surrounding areas is another floor plan design oversight we sometimes experience.

If your home can offer a stunning view – be it mountains, breathtaking sunsets over the water or postcard-worthy city skylines – take advantage of them. Incorporate a wall of windows or a large bay window in a high-traffic area of the home. Avoid putting stairs or structural elements in the way of a great view. Be sure to exploit – in the best way possible – all the selling points of your home’s surroundings.

Decorative Yard Ideas
Decorative Yard

Forgetting to plan for furniture

Your lounge room may look the right size on paper, but is there enough distance between the TV and the couch? Allow space for the bulk of your furniture when mapping out rooms.

In the early stages of developing a floor plan it’s important to consider your furniture and how you move around the house. Consider the placement of the sofa and the television in relation to windows, doors, the outlook and the sun.

Living Space furniture
Living space furniture consideration

Not Enough Storage Space

We often see floor plans that do not include enough storage space. We get it, a storage closet isn’t nearly as sexy as, say, a beautiful, chef-grade, outdoor kitchen on a floor plan. However, storage space is critical for everyone, from young families to growing families, 55+ buyers to singles. Everyone has things, and those things need their place.

A well-planned design blends functionality with style and lends itself to easy living. It may take numerous attempts to nail the right floor plan, but keep persevering and your home will benefit.

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