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3 x 20ft Shipping Containers Turn Into Amazing Compact Home

People are getting more creative when it comes to the places they live in.

This stunning house in Victoria, Australia is a perfect example of that, with three 20 ft shipping containers being joined together to create an amazing, solar-powered home.

Shipping Container turn into a house

Everywhere you look, Richard and Amy have packed their container home with great small space design ideas, ensuring that within the small footprint of the shipping containers, there is a tremendous amount of home and living space

Shipping Container turn into a house

From the outside, it’s almost hard to image that the house is constructed from shipping containers. The staggered pattern of the containers has created a striking architectural look to the home and the exterior cladding hides almost all the evidence of the containers that lie behind.

Shipping Container turn into a house

Just as much thought has been put into the build of the home, with some great choices in materials and construction techniques making this a high performing and well insulating container home.

Shipping Container turn into a house

This home utilisés a grid tied solar system, taking advantage of the extreme Australian sun. It also collects all it’s own water. With another family member on the way, this is sure to be a wonderful home for this young family.

There’s no doubt that this is one of the most impressive shipping containers homes I’ve ever seen. Be sure to watch the full video tour, above, to see just how much thought has gone into the design and material selection in this house.

Video By livingbiginatinyhouse.com

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